Helping other writers with their fiction is one of my passions. I provide line and developmental copy editing for writers who are pursuing traditional publication. I am happy to edit any length of story from flash fiction to full novels.

For copy editing, I charge a rate of $30 per hour or per 5 standard pages (250 words), whichever benefits the writer more. For example, if I can edit an average of seven or eight of a story in an hour, I charge by the hour. If I can only edit five or fewer pages per hour, I charge the five page rate.

Many variables affect copy editing speed, including intended audience, length, genre, writing style, and amount of required line edits. Please send a writing sample from the story you would like edited, so that I can give you an accurate estimate.

“Abby’s copy editing helped my writing reach a level of clarity I couldn’t achieve alone. She has an eye for detail and an ability to wrangle meaning out of my drafts.” -Wen Wen Yang


“Abby has a talent for aligning her editorial commentary with authorial voice. Her understanding of how tone and word choice dance together makes her notes invaluable.” -C.D. Goodman